Medical Consulting
SDA provides high level medical consulting with institutes and organizations that provide mental health services.  The intent is to provide strategies and support to reduce mental health issues while treating substance abuse, developmental disabilities and mental illness.
Services include:
Business Plan Development for Medical Professionals
Case Management
Medical Billing
Program Evaluation
Staffing Expertise
Strategic Planning
SDA has relationships with experts who are knowledgeable professionals in the following disciplines: counseling, nursing, psychiatry, rehabilitation and social work to provide excellent community based treatment.
Business Management


SDA has managed businesses in the retail, consulting, entertainment, restaurant, fashion and non-profit industries.  Typically serving in an operational capacity, SDA brings expertise in marketing, social media, accounting, management and finance.
SDA has managed the day-to-day operations while expanding businesses 12-15% per annum during the contract period.  Services can be designed to meet the needs of the business.
SDA can also assist in registering a company as a Minority Business Enterprise, Local Small Business Entity or SBA 8(a) organization.

Non- Profit Consulting


SDA provides expert advice to start up, non–profit organizations.   SDA can provide individual consulting to the Founder/Executive Director or strategic planning to the Board of Directors.  SDA will provide the necessary tools for a non-profit to start, grow and sustain their organization. 


Services include:

  • Incorporating a non-profit

  • Preparing form 1023

  • Applying for a Tax ID (Form SS-4)

  • Developing an operating & program budget

  • Creating a sustainability plan

  • Writing community programs & creating evaluation tools

  • Board Identification & Development

  • Building a strategic team

  • Grant Writing

Grant Writing


For over 10 years, SDA has served as a grant writer and raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations.  Grants have been secured from Federal, State and Local funding sources including government and private foundation dollars. 

Strategic Planning


SDA provides critical thought and strategy to problem solving. With over 20 years of business experience, SDA can craft unique strategies to assist companies in achieving its goals. 

Management (High Net Worth)


SDA has provided management for high net worth individuals and served as a personal business manager for Athletes and Entertainers throughout the US.  Services include management of private equity deals, foundations and non-profit organizations; serving as a director of operations or chief of staff, providing high level strategic planning to support the family, business or foundation needs.  Business manager services can be designed based on the needs of each individual client or family office. 

Political Consulting


SDA provides consulting services for local and state elections.  Services include high-level consulting, political strategy, fundraising and volunteer/field mobilization.

Business Plan Development


This service includes the careful construction of a strategic business plan for domestic and international business opportunities.  Special attention is given to sourcing and using funds, budgets, projections, cash flow analysis and return on investments.
Using either traditional debt financing or private equity, SDA plans have been successful in securing resources for small to midsize firms in the United States and abroad.
SDA has established unique relationships in China, South Korea, Japan, UAE, Botswana, South Africa and the Bahamas.


Shamsid-Deen & Associates is a DeKalb County Local Small Business Enterprise and a Minority Business Enterprise established in 2000



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